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Classes & Workshops

Non-profit public benefit community service organizations, such as the Clallam County Gem & Mineral Society (CCGMS,) are not in operation or in existence to make profits, but to offer community support, assistance, direction, or services within the community that are lacking or needed.

Non-Profits are also not supposed to, at least in our opinion, to be in the business of competing against For-Profit-Business.  Therefore, within the CCGMS Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, which every Washington State Non-Profit must file and maintain we state in part the following:

"It inappropriate for us to charge for services and exclusively offer classes and instruction in the Lapidary arts such as chainmail, wirewrapping, faceting, silversmithing, beading, wherein there are other For-Profit Business operating within the community that can offer such classes and instruction.  Furthermore, it is inappropriate for the CCGMS to collect or purchase wholesale materials and supplies and to offer them for sale at a price below that of local businesses.  As a non-profit, we generally only accept donations, with the exception of certain classes wherein have to pay an outside instructor".

What we do instead, is act more more as a go-betweens---a kind of organizer facilitator---so to speak --- connecting those members who would like to learn a particular skill, such as gemstone cutting/polishing, wire-wrapping, chainmail, or silversmithing---and those individuals, business or members who have such skills and are willing to teach classes in them.  From that point, it will mostly be up to the individuals involved---instructor and learner---to work out a schedule and cost of classes and materials. 

That dose not mean we will not sponsor or offer classes and instruction within the community.  We will at times hire instructors to teach some classes such as we are currently doing with sliver-smithing instruction which is not otherwise available.  When we talk about sponsoring we are talking about offering classes at little or in some cases no charge to individual members whom for whatever reason are not able to afford such classes and instructions on their own, due to limited financial resources, which most all of us as individuals within the community have experienced personally at one time or another in our lives.

We will post on this web site classes with instructors who are willing to teach a specific class, and we will either have a sigh up sheet on the web site or provide contact information where you can directly contact the instructor.  In some cases we will be listing the name of a business who offers the clauses you are telling us you are interested in.  Mostly we expect that you will contact the instructor or business and discuss their types of classes, times and places of the classes. 

We will also list individual instructors from time to time, such as those from the Puget Sound Flint Knappers who are willing to come over to the Olympic Peninsula, on maybe a Saturday, and spend the whole day teaching the art of Flint Knapping.  Generally these types of events are free to the public and we will likely pass a collections jar, so to speak, around to help cover the travel expenses of the instructors.

We and/or our instructors have all the basic materials and tools available for you to learn the classes you will be taking.  You will just need to bring yourself...  The club web site will list all the business, classes, and instructors offered within the community or those who are willing to come here to teach.

When you place your mouse arrow over Classes/Workshops you will notice that here are several drop down navigation tabs, as webmaster often call them, which will take you to a web page offering the classes and instruction.

For more information please contact or Tom Ellison at 360-460-1333, and he will try to answer your questions or refer you to someone who possibly can.

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